Sna; A 17 year old boy went on hunger strike to sew his lips in protest


Saturday, June 19, 2021, “Arman Farahmand”, 17 years old and native of marivan, who went on a hunger strike in the correctional center of Iran Prison in the city of Sna (Sanandaj) to protest the lack of consideration of the case and indecision by sewing his lips.

It should be noted that he was arrested 10 months ago along with a number of his friends in a street fight that led to the murder of a person.

9 person of his friends were acquitted and released within a few months, but the cause of his case remains unclear at the Second Branch of the Iranian Investigation in the city of Marivan.

According to reports to the KMMK, the judge in the case says that Arman did not commit the murder and is innocent, but he is still in custody.


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