Beating by Urmia Central Prison officials resulted in the death of a prisoner

On Monday, May 17, 2021, a prisoner in the Central Prison of Urmie with identity as “Amir Rezaei”, 35 years old and Urmie’s native, was beaten to death by prison’s officials.

According to the report, following the contention between prisoners in Ward 14 of Urmie Central Prison, which took place on May 16 this year, a number of them were transferred to solitary confinement.
It’s reported, Amir Rezaei escaped after being opened in solitary confinement and went to dormitory 1-2 of the prison. Four prison’s guard have taken him back. Two of them beated Amir Rezaei so that one of the officers raised his head and hit the ground. Following the action of this prison officer, Amir Rezaei hit the ground hard on the head, which led to anesthesia and eventually his death.

According to the story, after anesthesia, 3 agents dragged him to the ground and transferred him to another place. After he didn’t regain consciousness for a long time, prison officials transferred him to a medical center, and Health doctor announced Amir Rezaei’s death.

Amir Rezaei had spent about 10 years in prison on drug-related charges over a 20-year sentence.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association