Suicide 2 people in the region ” Chehel Cheshmeh ” Divandareh in East Kurdistan within a week

According to a report on Monday 5 June 2017, of Kurdistan Human Rights Association arrived, the man is married and has two children in the village of Sharif Abad Chehel Cheshmeh city functions Divandareh, attempted suicide and lost his life and his body has been transferred to hospitals in Divandareh in East Kurdistan.

Last week in the same village, another person named “Camille B ” 22 years old who had just married and the necessities of life for themselves through labor to Tehran had been, the manner of suspicious suicides and put an end to his life.

It should be noted that the village of Sharif Abad, one of the major regional towns Chehel Cheshmeh and functions Divandareh City is in the Kurdistan province. The village has a police station and a Basij base is that sometimes citizens to earn a living and hobson (poverty) are working in this place.

The major reason for the suicides in East Kurdistan unemployment, poverty and mental stress that gripped the the people.

Suicide two people at a week of bad economic conditions are citizens of this region and elsewhere in East Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association