Continued detention of five resident of Baneh and ignorance of their fate

According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Association, the 5 detained resident of Baneh are still in custody and their status and fate are unavailable.
“Havzhin Ghaderi”, “Rebvar Ghaderi”, “Behrouz Ghaderi”, “Jalil Khodaei” and “Parviz Ghaderi”, detained resident of Baneh city, have been detained for more than ten days, but so far they had not any contact with outside the prison.
The 5 citizens have not been allowed to contact or visit their families since their arrest and live in an unknown place.
It is noteworthy that these citizens were arrested by the security forces of the Iranian government in Baneh on Thursday, March 25, 2021.
Despite the follow-up of the detainees’ families, the reasons for their detention and whereabouts are still unavailable.
Local sources suggest that the detention of these citizens is related to Nowruz and the performance of “Nowruz Celebrations”.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association