Arrested of four persons in East Kurdistan

On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, four citizens in East Kurdistan were arrested by I.R.Iran’s security forces and taken to an unknown place.

The identities of these citizens are “Aram Moradian” son of Osman, “Amir Rezaei” son of Jamil and “Arash Ahmadian” from Tangisar village of Sna city and “Mohammad Arga” son of Ali, resident of Yolagoldi city of Shout city.

It should be noted that Aram Moradian and Amir Rezaei had been summoned to the Iranian Intelligence office and interrogated earlier in January.
It is worth mentioning that Mohammad Arga was arrested by Iranian security forces in the city of Shout on April 14th.

According to reports received by KMMK, Iranian security forces detained those prisons without court order.
As of this writing, the reason for the arrest and whereabouts of these citizens is unknown.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association