Congratulations to all Kurds and all freedom-loving people around the world on Newroz and Kurdish new year 2720

KMMK congratulates Newroz and Kurdish new year, 2720, to all Kurds and all other nations that celebrate Newroz. KMMK wishes a happy new year which freedom, justice and equality is achieved in Kurdistan and in all other human societies.

In the past year, 2719, we have witnessed an increase in violence and oppression, by the Islamic republic of Iran’s tyranny against Kurds and other nations that are inhabited in Iran. The record of violations of human rights of Iranian regime in the past year is very dark: There has been an increase on executions of Kurdish youths, assassination and terrorizing civilians, shooting down a passenger airplane, direct shooting of demonstrators on the streets, deliberately not stopping the outbreak of COVID-19, tortures in prison and shooting and killing Kolbars. Consequently Iran has become literally a massive prison for all its inhabitants.

In northern Kurdistan there has been an increase in Turkish government’s attacks on the Kurdish population, and the Turkish government has made every effort to eliminate the Kurdish identity, heritage and culture.

In southern Kurdistan, despite vast opportunities to improve the governance and rights of the Kurdish nation, certain areas of Kurdistan are still out of control of the inhabitant Kurds and the future of these regions are uncertain.

In western Kurdistan, Rojava, we saw the brutal Turkish invasion which was condemned globally. The invasion resulted in mass displacements of Kurdish inhabitants in Rojava. Turkish army and Turkish backed militias committed Kurdish genocide in Afrin, Serê Kaniyê and Girê-Spî‎.

There is no doubt that all parts of Kurdistan are sharing the same destiny that inevitably demonstrate that Kurdish people must get together to change their lives and overcome all these enforced unjust situations and they ought to possess their own destiny.

KMMK believes that if the Kurdish people are united and act united by pursuing a united platform for their rights, it will certainly be much easier to achieve their goal of establishing a society with freedom and equal rights.

KMMK congratulates all Kurds, once more, for the new Kurdish Year and Newroz and hopes that the new year will be a different year, a year for the freedom for Kurdistan, a year for the Kurds to determine their own destiny and have control of their own lives and be able to unify their divided motherland Kurdistan.
Kurdistan human rights Association

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