Statement of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association

In connection with the Turkish military forces violation of sovereignty in Ninawa province in southern Kurdistan.

Turkish government in a sudden effort and contingencies have sent hundreds of soldiers in the province of Ninawa in southern Kurdistan, based on an allegation that the political authorities and the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that the presence of Turkish military forces in the area to educate Sony Muslim opponents ISIS, further, he also said that the official Turkish and Iraqi government officials have reached an agreement on the presence of Turkish military forces in the area.

In response to the Turkish government, the Prime Minister and the Iraqi president said that action violates the sovereignty of Iraq, demanded the Turkish government the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraq. After the reaction between the prime minister and the president of Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Massoud Barzani said that the presence of Turkish forces is cooperation with allied forces and the United States Armed Forces in the region to educate Sony Muslim opponents to ISIS. US officials immediately denied the allegation and stressed that the US military establishment is aware of the Turkish army in northern Iraq, but Turkey’s military presence is not part of the coalition headed by the United States.

Many political parties and organizations of the Kurdish people, especially people in the Sinjar area, and the self-defense group that is Sinjar lives who have armed themselves and defend the area against the ISIS and the people of Sinjar repeatedly called for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the region.

Under international law, the presence of Turkish soldiers in Ninawa province is undoubtedly violations of international laws and norms and practices are aggressive.

For this reason, the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization wants the deployment of Turkish troops in part of Ninawa province in southern Kurdistan document is defined as occupation and war, and the UN and member governments of the UN and all human rights organizations to protest and call for a quick withdrawal of the military presence in province of Ninewa, and the Kurdish region.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association