The tenth day of December, Human Rights Day

The tenth day of December, Human Rights Day. In 1948 the UN General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Two years later, all member states are invited to sign this. The governments of Iran, Turkey, Syria, were the first countries that signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Now, 69 years later violated basic human rights in many parts of the world, especially in the three countries.

Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the first countries to violate human rights by arresting, imprisoning, discrimination, torture and murder their opponents and critics. by agreement between Iran and the West over Iran’s nuclear issue, considered by many to be the situation of the human rights situation in Iran, but we soon realized that the situation of human rights in Iran became worse for many people, especially the oppressed ethnic groups such as Kurds, Azeri’s, Arabs and emigrate from Iran was the only option for many young people in these areas.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association as a leading group that defends the human rights of all sections of the community celebrate this day and congratulate this day to all human rights activists and all political prisoners and their families and that their fundamental rights have been violated by the Iranian regime. Kurdistan Human Rights Association would like once again to human rights organizations in democratic countries demand that the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect human rights in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration on Human Rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association