Kurdish prisoner execution in public view in Ilam

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association: Today, on Tuesday, 5 September 2017, a prisoner was executed on charges of execution on the 22 Bahman square in Ilam, east of Kurdistan.

According to the report, this prisoner, with his brother in December and in February 2012, kidnapped and killed two passenger car drivers.

It has been said that the accused has been sentenced to life imprisonment as a partner in crime and persecution. It should be noted that determining the place and place of punishment is the responsibility of the judge issuing the sentence, which the judge would prefer to carry out a life sentence at the place where the crime occurred, in or near the place of the crime, and in the city streets and squares.

With execution in the matter, the judiciary seeks to prevent the occurrence of crime occurring at the community level, but the reality and reality of such acts by the government and the judiciary is nothing but a fear of terror in society.