Female genital mutilation (circumcision) in Hormozgan province and eastern Kurdistan

KMMK:Despite the decline in the trend of gender defect in recent years, the rate of circumcision is still high in East Kurdistan and Hormozgan province of Iran.

According to the available data, the proportion of girls circumcision in some villages of Hormozgan Province to 60% ؜ ranked first and second in eastern Kurdistan, in some villages in the province, up to 42% ؜, and third in Kermanshah province in some villages to 41%, and Urmiye province is 27%.
Considering the significant reduction in these statistics in cities and in educated people, the question arises as to why in the deprived areas of Hormozgan and East Kurdistan, a coherent project or plan aimed at reducing circumcision in these areas is not being implemented by the government.
Given the fact that girls are seriously circumcised and seriously harm women’s health, education and planning for the prevention of female genital mutilation, which is a violation of women’s rights, is very important.

Kurdistan Human Rights