The arrest warrant for the chairman of the HDP and the thirty Kurdish political activists by Turkish prosecutor

KMMK:Issued an arrest warrant for ‘’Serpil Kamalbay’’ the head of the People’s Democratic Party and 30 other pro-Kurdish activists by the Turkish prosecutor in Ankara.

To protest the Turkish government’s military operation and attack on Afarin in western Kurdistan,The reason arrest of these people,and Turkey is trying to prevent popular protests against Turkey’s imposed war on coffins.

In an indictment, Ankara prosecutor for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) said: “The campaign has been protesting the” Olive Branch “to bring people to the streets and create chaos.

Turkish police forces have arrested more than 30 Kurdish northern Kurdistan activists during a massive operation this morning.

On 11,February,2018 to the recipe Turkish Republican Prosecutor’s Office,action and mass arrest began on the eve of the third major congress of the People’s Democratic Party.
Among the detainees were Professor Oonur Hamzehoglu, a spokeswoman for the People’s Democratic People’s Congress (HDK), Fatima Chalabi, a member of the Presidential Socialist Party, Kozban Konokchi, a spokesman for the Socialist Resistance Association, Elam Tuhna Ali and Naji Sonnames, spokeswoman for the Turkish Left Party , Musa Pirohullo, chairman of the Revolutionary Party Party, Tala Hatim Oghulari, the head of the joint Turkish New Socialist Party.

Human Rights Code of Kurdistan