Announcement of the execution of a Kurdish prisoner after a few days of ignorance

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, yesterday Saturday 26 August 2017, after several days of lack of knowledge of the fate of Seyed Jamal Mousavi, a Kurdish Sunni religion prisoner, was informed from the east of Kurdistan to the family that your child was charged on Moharebeh on Wednesday 23 August In Rajaee Prison, the city was executed and in an unknown location, the soil was deposited.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association in the past few days, Seyed Jamal Mousavi has been transferred to an unknown location on Wednesday 16 August 2017, and was last seen on Tuesday 22 August 2017, and the family was not informed of his execution. And also could not deliver him to him.

It should be noted that the Kurdish sunni religion on Wednesday 16 August 2017, on the pretext of being sent to the hospital, had been transffered outside of his section place of without having requested it.The Islamic Republic’s government in prisons, with the policy of exerting pressure and torture on political and religious prisoners, and under long excuse for imprisonment and imprisonment in an unclear and uninformed situation, in this way, the will of the prisoner is broken up and such things as Confessions on television and false confessions, and those who do not submit to the demands of the Islamic government should wait for subsequent consequences such as torture and solitary confinement and sometimes execution.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association