Islamic Republic of Iran’s law enforcement forces in the area of “Asnouri” Marivan and “Hashtian” of Urmia a number of carrier (innocent civilians) shooting target.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Thursday evening 24 August 2017, a number of district policemen from the “Sheler” bordered by the villages “Barika in” and “Hanjiran” the security forces were ambushed.

According to news reports, a Kurdish innocent civilian named Amir from the city of Saqez was severely injured in east Kurdistan, and more than 15 other innocent civilians property were confiscated and taken with them.

On the other hand, on Friday 25 August 2017, at the Hashtian border of the Urmia authorities, police forces fired on a group of other innocent civilians, and as a result, a innocent civilian 20 years old called , “Aziz Aminpour” from the city of Salmas, was seriously injured and for treatment was transferred to Urmia hospital.


It should be noted that, according to available data, by the end of July 2017, 14 carrier were killed and 29 were injured. One of the important goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran is that the Kurd nation does not achieve economic independence and it is constantly in need and it is expected that its government will vote for its help, thus blocking all the ways of livelihood of the people.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association