The apparent threat of South and West Kurdistan by Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and chairman of the Akp Justice and Development Party at a news conference last week threatened to openly threaten South and West security forces in Kurdistan.

At this press conference, Erdogan spoke of Peshmerga forces in the south of Wigan, the People’s Advocate in the West, and in his words, the south and west called the Kurdistan a “marsh” and said:

until the water of this swamp do not dry , flies do not let give be calm.

This statement by Erdoğan is clearly a flagrant violation of federal sovereignty in these areas of Kurdistan, as well as opposition to international treaties for the independence of countries.

According to international rules and treaties, the diplomatic convention has its own laws and has been recognized globally, and under no circumstances should it and can not threaten Kordestan and its security forces in this way. Promoting grudge, fascism and repression and destroying other nations in today’s geography of Turkey after the Ottomans and in general, the emergence of the nation state in this region (Iran and Turkey) has been drawn and dismantling the Cords in terms of culture, speech, language and physical During the 100 years of rule of the Turkish government. Erdogan, like an inheritance, wants to establish a caliphate from the religious point of view, thus targeting the Kurds wherever possible.

The invasion of western Kurdistan, the bombing of the southern Kurdistan region and the possession of dozens of military bases in this sector are several obvious examples of violations of the rights of the Kurds in other parts of Kurdistan by the Turkish government.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association