The ban on women cycling in the city of Marivan in eastern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report and the Forat news agency, the IRI’s security forces in Marivan City this morning, Thursday,20 July 2017, prevented women from cycling along the Zaribar Lake route and while they were mistreated by the agents, several bicycle were taken.

It should be noted that following the fatwa of the Imam Jamaat-e Marivan in connection with the ban on women’s cycling, the prosecutor of this city also voted in favor of prohibiting women’s cycling and denouncing it as a contrary ethics.Meanwhile, with the reaction and dissatisfaction of the various strata of the Kurdistan community, and especially with women, the issue of the banning of women’s cycling has been suspended for some time, but as reported , law enforcement officers toperevent this from happening today, and following the dissatisfaction of women Bicyclists said they were doing it directly with the prosecutor’s office.

It is widely believed that in addition to biking the 5 women of Marivan city by forces affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran,in return for it, bicycle owners have made a commitment that they will no longer have the right to ride in public places and they dealt with seriously.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association