In Saqez Sarshive region, goods of several Kurdish carrier was confiscated and several horse heads were killed.

Following the reports of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Tuesday 11 July 2017, the Bastam police station in the Sarshiv region of Saqez  were confiscated the goods of the Carrier and businessmen by putting an ambush behind the village of Saife Kuneh.

Following the report, after the confiscation, at the same time, seven heads of the horses are killed and they also plunder goods of carrier.

Saqez is one of the largest cities in the Kurdistan province of eastern Kurdistan, with the highest unemployment figures and Like a border town, there is only one borderline “Bastam” that so far has not been taken into consideration so that unemployed people in the region can work at this frontier.

In terms of manufacturing and manufacturing, the city is ranked the last after the Tekab. In addition, the region of Saqez has two large Zerrineh and Simineh rivers and has the best agricultural land, which is not beneficial for the region due to the lack of mechanized irrigation systems.

It should be noted that the water department of Saqaz city must pay a large amount of money per month to the Tabriz provincial water department because the dam made in the province of Saqaz, which originates from the rivers of the city, should return to Tabriz.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association