Continuity of fire in the lush forests in eastern Kurdistan

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association on Tuesday 11 July 2017, the forests of the “Imam” mountain range around the city of Marivan in eastern Kordestan have been burnt down and fire is on the rise.

According to the report, environmental advocates from the city of Marivan have asked residents and citizens of the city of Marivan to help and help them, but they can work with each other to control the fire.

It is worth noting that the nature and forests of east Kurdistan, which are subjected to fire from the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran each year with the onset of the heat season, are increasing.

Meanwhile, the Iranian government does not take any necessary measures to contain these fires,but residents regions damaged, along with environmental advocates, are undertaking initial efforts are being made.

It is worth mentioning that, with these functions of the Iranian government in relation to the political orientation of east Kurdistan, we will not be able to solve the serious problems caused by these fires, and in this way we will face the greatest environmental hazards.

The damage inevitable of nature and forests, which are being implemented by the government of Iran in eastern Kurdistan, make the situation more catastrophic.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association