The killing of Kurdish businessman from the city of Paveh in eastern Kurdistan

In a report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, at 9:00 PM tonight 7 July 2017, Kurdish businessman, “Mohammad Baqer Gheytuli”, was shot and shot dead directly by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s law enforcement forces.

According to news reports,he was from city of Paveh , resident of Salas Babajani, and a pickup truck driver who suspects that she was carrying cargo smuggling without direct warning and has lost her livelihood.

It should be noted that carrier and businessmen were attacked and attacked by the Islamic Republic’s armed forces at various points and they use the murder of these people to advance the shooting targets, while in cities even if they suspect someone or a car, they will be killed and killed without warning, while in most cases It has been proven that the victim did not have any smuggling and did not receive any charges from the killer because of the orders of the high-ranking officials of the system and the fire command issued directly by the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been in east Kurdistan for several years.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association