Fire Fighting of forests and pasture land of Kermanshah in eastern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the director of water resources management in Kermanshah province said: “Since the beginning of the heating season, around 220 hectares of forest and grassland in the city of Kermanshah have burned on a large scale in fire. He added that about 170 hectares of pastures and 50 hectares of forest are included.

It is noteworthy that due to the lack of proper management of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the province of Kermanshah in eastern Kurdistan, each year the amount of forests and pastures from fire is increased.

However, this is in the meanwhile, the Islamic Republic of Iran presents in this regard a misleading and non-documentary manner of unreal acts.

Based on reports from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, most of the flares in the forests and pastures of Kermanshah province were intentionally involved, and the forces affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran were involved in the implementation of these measures.

Also, in the event of such flames, government agencies and agencies do not take any action to silence and control the flares of these forests and pastures, but in many cases residents of the region and environmental advocates with the lack of the necessary and basic technology Possibilities to control flares, which are often faced with problems and threats by government forces.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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