17 years old girl Marivani burning to put an end to her life

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Saturday 28 May 2017, a girl 17 years old “S, A ” from the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East said to those close to the victim attempted to set herself on fire due to family problems and lost her life.

According to the report, she was hospitalized after attempted selfimmolation, but due to the severity of self-burning loses her life after a few days.

It should be noted that the increasing number of suicides among Kurdish women in East Kurdistan and for the emancipation of gender discrimination, social and traditional media experts and has been the subject of debate and More than 55% of suicides in young people under 30 years is that more than half of the women includes. Governance system in Iran, the true number of suicides in Iran, especially in East Kurdistan registered and not declared; That due to these circumstances can be a real hit this abnormal phenomenon multiply these figures estimated.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association