Candidates the city councils Kermanshah demanded the cancellation results are Elections

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , in the wake of widespread election fraud in the fifth council election in the town and village of Kermanshah and other cities in East Kurdistan, candidates are scheduled to formally protest protesters demanding the annulment of the election results are discussed.

The fifth elections held cities and villages in Iran despite the many reports of theft of votes and voting irregularities in the country has been transmitted. The violations were carried out in almost all cities in East Kurdistan and in some cases, such as the election of Marivan, people took to the streets. City of Baneh also reports of clashes in the city, the people and the security forces were reportedly the result of the election has been revoked in this city.

In this regard, reported that candidates for the election of city and village in Kermanshah also is slated to officially protest to the relevant authorities have submitted. It is said that the candidate intends to convene and issue a joint statement addressed to Khamenei’s office, GIO, the Parliament, the Guardian Council, the Interior Ministry and other regulatory bodies are hereby election beyond the city Kermanshah revocation and on an equal footing again to be held.

It is worth noting that the frequent reports of widespread violations in the election, including “financial bribery, buying votes at the polling station documents are available, donate gift cards, cash, mobile recharge cards, putting people to change people’s vote at the polling station, arresting several people during a crime, prolong the results until 12 night because of the potential bargaining, while the morning of the election was announced several lists that did not differ much from the final list. ”

Kurdistan Human Rights Association