Death sentence Hemen Mostafaei was stopped

According to the report of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Hemen Mostafaei kurdish prisoner from the village of Kanidinar the function of the city of Marivan in East Kurdistan, detained in prison in Sanandaj, who was supposed death sentence today carried out laboriously activists’ campaign against the death penalty “and people fighter Kanidinar village and the city of Sanandaj, his death sentence has been stopped.

Hemen Mostafaei, was born in July 1989, and from the village of Kanidinar, during March 2013 , detained by security forces and put pressure on and persecution of him in the detention centers of state security of the Islamic Republic of Iran was forced to admit in front of the camera English language television network (Press TV) ties to the government of Iran.

Accordingly, the charge of cooperating with one of the parties Kurdish involvement in the murder of Ibrahim Mohammadi retired Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the criminal court in Sanandaj city in East Kurdistan, was sentenced to death, but those charges as baseless and tortured as the spiritual and physical.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association