The increase in the casualties of the Iranian government’s air attack on the political refugee camp in the Kurdistan region


On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, during the aerial attacks of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s drones and the firing of long-range missiles at the camp of political refugees in Kuyeh (Kouisanjaq) in Solimanieh Province of the Kurdistan Region, seven political refugees named “Omar Mahmoud Zadeh, Reyhaneh (Shima)” Kanani – while she was pregnant -, Mohammad Khalili, Milad Pir Saheb, Hajar Zargar, Shirko Brtni and Osman Faizeh” died.

According to the report of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Wednesday at 10:00 and a few minutes before noon, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran first fired several rockets at the camp in the city of Kuyeh, this residential area, and then at the same time, at the camps of the Komleh parties in “Rozguiz” Solimanieh and the camp of the Pak Party in “Pardi”, the border between Holir and Karkuk, were attacked with suicide drones. The attacks on Kuyeh air base were carried out in four stages and at short intervals, during which a journalist from the Kurdistan Region named “Soran Kamran”, who was an employee of Kurdistan 24 TV, died while reporting the incident and in the second attack due to bombing.

It should be mentioned that Shima Kanani’s child, who was saved by surgery in a hospital in Solimaiehh after the death of his mother, did not survive a few hours after birth and died.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association announces; Based on the history of the previous attacks of the Iranian government by the Revolutionary Guards on the military and residential camps of the Kurdish parties located in the Kurdistan Region, residential houses have been destroyed, civilians injured, and sometimes a large number of civilian camp residents have died.Therefore, he considered the aggressive and hostile behavior of the Islamic State of Iran as a clear example of encroachment on the territory of the Kurdistan region and the country of Iraq, and due to the damages caused by these terrorist attacks, he submitted his documented complaints to international forums, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the Peace Commission and international institutions. declares the International Association against War Crimes as well as war courts in the world. And he requests influential global and regional bodies and personalities not to be silent in this regard and to take serious measures to stop the crimes against humanity of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.