A kolber and a businessman were injured in the border areas of Baneh and Bazargan

On Monday, June 6, 2022, In the border heights of (Hangeh jaleh) a Kolber ( shoulder carrier ) with named Semko Khezrnejad, 36 years old and a resident of Mahabad, was shot in the face by the border forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In the same connection, on the mentioned date, in Bazargan International Customs in ILam province, a businessman with the identity of Yaghoub Kanani had a tension with one of the customs employees during clearance and was shot by an official of the Iranian customs and was shot at close range From his weapon.
It should be noted that government employees and the armed forces of the Iranian government are able to shoot, kill, or beat Kurdish collaborators and businessmen in the border area and customs terminals in Kurdistan for no apparent reason. And will not be reprimanded in any way, and if in any case the victim or the victim’s family intends to pursue or file a complaint in this regard, they will be subjected to security cases and threats by government agencies.