The fate of a citizen of Sanandaj after his arrest is unknown

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, there is no information about the situation of a citizen of Sanandaj named Keyvan Rostami, who was arrested by Iranian security forces in March 2022, and Iranian security agencies refuse to comment on him.
Keyvan Rostami, 27, is the son of Ali Akbar, from the village of “Mirav” in the city of Sanandaj (Sna) in Kurdistan.

After several weeks of detention, the citizen announced in recent days during a phone call with his family that he was being held in the detention center of the Iranian Intelligence Office in Sanandaj.
Rostami’s family did not know about their son’s fate and health before calling him. Keyvan Rostami is denied access to a lawyer and contact with his family.

According to published reports, Mr. Rostami was detained by security forces without a court order, and during this period, despite repeated pursuits by the citizen’s family to obtain information about his fate, security forces refused to provide a clear answer.

As of this writing, no information has been obtained about the reason for the arrest and the charges against this citizen of Kurdistan.