Four civil activists were sentenced to prison

Saturday, April 16, 2022, three civil activists and a Sunni cleric named Mirza Mohammad Rahmani (Sunni cleric), Amanj Ghorbani, Borhan Kamangar and Sirvan Ghorbani, by Branch 101 of the 2nd Criminal Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kamyaran (Kamuran ) Each was sentenced to three months and one day suspended imprisonment on probation.
According to the report, the mentioned individuals were sentenced to death for participating in the funeral of Haidar Ghorbani, a political prisoner from Kamyaran, who was executed suddenly and secretly, and was sentenced in writing under Article 500 of the Islamic Penal Code.
It should be noted that the ruling states that the court considered “chanting norm-breaking slogans and unconventional movements such as clapping and reciting poetry” as propaganda for the benefit of opposition groups and issued the ruling.
The text of the sentence issued to these citizens of Kamyaran states: “During the period of suspension. Each of the defendants should read at least one volume of the book (although the defendants’ books are different from each other) about the roots of the Islamic Revolution, its ideals and achievements, as well as the challenges faced by the Islamic Revolution, and present their excerpts from Studying the books by mentioning the source in the form of a separate article, finally express their opinion in the form of a result about the crime committed. 2. Each of the defendants within 10 days after the final verdict and in order to promote the culture of benevolence and charity in society, which is one of the highest virtues and the most prominent acts of worship, to prepare and buy food items or clothing in the amount of at least ten million rials for “The deprived and destitute people of Kamyaran city and its distribution through coordination with the welfare department of this ci ty should take action and hand over the receipt to the unit for execution of criminal sentences.”
It should be noted that Mirza Mohammad Rahmani and Amanj Ghorbani were arrested in Kamiran on December 21 and 22, 2021, after being summoned to the Intelligence Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They were released on bail for three weeks in intelligence detention centers until the end of the trial.

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