Nine Citizens were summoned to security agencies

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association’s Report, in recent days, nine citizens of Mahabad have been summoned and interrogated by the IRGC Intelligence Office in this city.
According to the information received, the identities of these citizens are:
1- Vahed Sufi
2- Jamal Alavi
3- Ako Ahmadi
4- Rahim Ahmadi
5- Nasser Rozkhoon
6- Loghman Shengheh
7- Veisi Ghaderi
8- Amir Soltani
9- Matin Kholeh
It should be noted that the reason for summoning these citizens to participate in Nowruz ceremonies has been stated.
According to credible sources, these individuals were released after several hours of interrogation with a written commitmen.
It should be noted that since the beginning of the New Year, countless citizens of Kurdistan have been summoned to Iranian security and intelligence agencies and have been threatened and threatened not to participate in the Nowruz celebrations.