Non-payment of wages street sweeper of city of Sanandaj in eastern Kurdistan

In the report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Sanandaj County Industrial City street sweepers are deprived from getting their salaries for nearly three months.

Non-payment of wages for street sweeper in industrial towns Nos. 1 and 3 occurs when these workers receive about 480 thousand tomans a month, which is almost half the minimum wage set by the relevant institutions in the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is passed annually.

It should be noted that in addition to non-payment of the 3-month wage of these workers, the employer refuses to provide the necessary clothing and equipment for them during the work.

The lack of factories, the wave of unemployment and the lack of income in the cities and villages of eastern Kordestan have caused citizens to go to work with a minimum wage and to withstand difficult labor conditions in order to obtain their living conditions in difficult occupations, including worker as a sweeper or barrier of the in the cities, and or through livelihoods such as street vendors or carrier in the mountains of eastern Kurdistan

Kurdistan Human Rights Association