The fate of Shaban Mohammadi is unknown

On Friday, February 19, 2022, “Shaban Mohammadi”, Resident of Marivan and a member of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union, who has been in prison for several days, is in poor health. Front Line Defenders (Human Rights Defender) expressed concern about his detention and demanded his unconditional release.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Shaban Mohammadi had a brief visit with his family in the past two weeks, after which no information was available on his whereabouts or condition.

It should be noted that on Wednesday, Kajal Karimi, the wife of the imprisoned teacher, obtained a visit form from the Attorney General, but the security forces prevented her from giving her any information about her health.

The International Human Rights Organization “Front Line Defenders” made the Iranian government responsible for the health of Shaban Mohammadi and expressed concern over the arrest of this citizen and demanded his immediate and unconditional release.

This human rights organization has called on the officials of the Iranian government to act in all stages of dealing with Shaban Mohammadi in accordance with Resolution 173/43 of the General Assembly of the European Union, which was approved on December 8, 1998.

It is worth mentioning that this detained teacher is deprived of the right to have a lawyer and to visit his family. Shaban Mohammadi was arrested on Sunday, February 2, by the security forces of the Iranian government on the orders of the prosecutor of Branch 1 of a court in Marivan during a nationwide protest by teachers in Kurdistan.