Zeinab Jalalian’s mother: The fate of my daughter has been unknown for 15 years

On Sunday, February 20, 2022, the mother Zeinab Jalalian (Kurdish political prisoner) who has been imprisoned by the Iranian government for 15 years, said: “My daughter is sick and she asked human rights organizations to help her.”

The prisoner’s mother says that during the 15 years that her daughter has been imprisoned, she has not been on leave and she’s affected by COVID-19 they have no information about Zainab’s fate and her daughter has been deprived of the right to leave, visit family and access a lawyer. This has worried her.

This mother goes on to say that she is old and as a mother she has the right to visit her daughter.
In this regard, she called on all human rights organizations to put pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran to reveal information about her fate.

It is worth mentioning that this political prisoner of more than 14 years is under the most severe physical and psychological pressure and torture in the detention centers and prisons of the Islamic Republic and has been deprived of the right to medical treatment, leave and having a lawyer.