Execution of two prisoner in Shiraz and khoramAbad’s prison

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the death sentence of a prisoner with the identity of “Sajad” was carried out in the Sa’adat ward of Adelabad prison in Shiraz. He was arrested about three years and six months ago on charges of murder during a confli
The prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement the day before and he had denied to murdered until the execution.
Also on Sunday, January 17, another prisoner, identified as “Muslim Aqamirzai”, 30 years old, was executed in KhoramAbad Prison on murder charges.
He was arrested two years ago during a fight in support of his friend’s sister on murder charges.

It is worth mentioning that until the publication of this news, the media inside Iran and official sources have refused to cover the news of the execution of these two prisoners.