Sna; Continued detention and indecision of 5 citizens

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, after more than 3 months, the fate and status of the 5 detained civil activists, “Kaveh Manbari”, “Shirko Manbari”, “Payam Manbari”, “Saryad Manbari” and “Mikael Manbari, are unknown.
It is worth mentioning that these five civil activists were arrested in April and May of this year by the security forces of the Iranian government in the Sna (Sanandaj).

These 5 civil activists are being interrogated in intelligence agency detention center and had so far been denied access to a lawyer and family visits.
It is noteworthy that these people have only been in contact with their families through short phone calls a few times and have been denied face-to-face visits.

Kaveh Manbari and Shirko Manbari, in April 29, and Payam Manbari and Saryad Manbari were arrested by the Iranian government’s security and intelligence forces on May 1, 2021, in the city of Sna. In the same connection, Mikael Manbari was arrested on June 15th.

As of this writing, the reasons for the arrest and the charges against these citizens have not been released.

It’s noteworthy that these 5 detained activists are native of “ni’ar” village in Sna.