Childhood 10 year old resident of the city of Sanandaj

According to the report has reached to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , yesterday Tuesday 19 July evening childhood 10 year old resident of the city of Sanandaj in one of the slums alone in the house with the scarf his mother hanging and his life end.

According to witnesses who were present at the scene said the child’s parents are out of the house to go to the Market and child’s name( D.A) through the ladder to the roof and using the mother scarf hanging himself and give end his life.

According to neighbors , the child student athlet have been diligent polite.

It is noteworthy that the number of suicides is in creasing in East Kurdistan and the average age of suicides are declining and the youth and children reached.

The reason for this is social ills on the repressive and oppressive system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all violence and disabilities due to family poverty among parents and guardians on the situation on the psyche of children and the spread of this negative energy and social ills such as suicide , addiction, theft, prostitution is spying for security forces.

In this way , cause forced displacement and exile and the family has been destroyed and anti social human returns become available.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association.