Aggregation protest people Baneh front the Governor office this city.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association on Monday 4 September 2017, two dead innocent civilians named Heydar Faraji and Mam Ghader, who in the past days had been killed directly by the IRGC’s armed forces.

The carrier families and a crowd of people in Baneh and carrier gathered in front of the governor of the city because of the loss of these two colleagues and demanded that, despite the bad economic conditions in the East of Kurdistan and the Islamic republic, which was responsible for this situation in the east of Kurdistan Do not know why is carrier life at stake?

The lives of this stratum of the community are the responsibility of the authorities, because of the unemployment and poverty of the Kurdish people, especially the youth who are forced to carry out such a high-risk occupation in order to meet their daily needs, while each year, due to direct shootings by various forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in eastern Kurdistan Dozens of young Kurds were killed or they died because of escaping the Islamic government forces with various events (fall from the cliff, drowning in the river …) lost their life.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association