Iranian Secret Service: It is forbidden to hold a funeral for Hossein Kamkar


According to information from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Iranian government’s secret service threatened the family of the late Hussein Kamkar, a member of the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), and told them that they had no right to hold funerals.

The security and intelligence services of the Islamic Republic of Iran have called and threatened Kamkar’s family. If there is a graduation ceremony, they will be arrested and severely punished. Hossein Kamkar, nickname “Argesh Shorsh”, born in Mahabad, died in Qandil Heights in 2018 as a result of the bombing of the armed forces of the occupying states of Kurdistan.

It is noteworthy that the armed forces of the Iranian government have repeatedly and deliberately acted against the armed forces of the Kurdistan political parties and murdered them by attacking the border areas.

The killing of members of Kurdistan political parties has continued in the South Kurdistan region and in European countries, and hundreds of members of these parties have been murdered to date.

Kurdistan human rights Association