Continued pressure and threats against Kurdish civilians by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

According to the report on Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Friday, 9 June 2017, security forces of the Iranian government in the mountains ” Qouri Qala” of city functions “Rawansar” in the province of Kermanshah, by blocking 6 citizens of Kurdish region apart from the disrespect and insult without because they have been interrogated.

According to the source of this news, six people, including three men, school teachers and three women that their husbands are to leisure and climbing resort “Yunesian” in the area have gone but the security forces under the pretext that they did not fasting for a few hours six people were interrogated, threatened and insulted, and then release.

It must be said that after the attacks in Tehran, pressure on Kurdish nation in East Kurdistan increased more than 70 people of civil rights by individuals and various forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been arrested and while no positions in government Iran has not commented on the matter.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association