Abdulghani Darwishi was temporarily released

According to reports received by KMMK, Tuesday, March 2, 2021, “Abdulghani Darvishi” 40 year old, resident of Urmia was released from the prison of the Iranian government in Urmia, on bail of one billion tomans until the end of the trial.
It should be noted that he was arrested by the IRGC forces of the I.R.Iran in Urmia on 22 may this year without a court order and he was transferred to the detention center of the ministry of Intelligence of Iran, known as Ward 209 of evin Prison in Tehran, for interrogation.
Darvishi, during the 5 months of the interrogation, he was deprived of the right to a lawyer and the legal conditions for his detention and interrogation were not observed.
According to information received, Abdulghani Darvishi has been charged with “membership in a Kurdish party” opposed to the I.R.Iran.

Kurdistan human rights Association