Germany has returned Ibrahim Jankanlo, but he is detained in the Eichstätt camp

Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. has spoken with Kanzlei Disli , the lawyer of Mr. Jankanlo. He acknowledged that Germany had transferred Ibrahim to Turkey to deport him to Iran two weeks ago.

Once Mr. Yunes Bahram and law firms and institutions like Kanzlei Disli learned that he had been deported, they immediately started pressure on the government and forced the German administration to return Mr. Jankanlo to Germany.
This Kurdish activist has maintained in the Eichstätt Camp so far, and the deportation threat still has not been removed, Mr. Yunes Bahram, his lawyer, said.
According to the KMMK’s investigation, Mr. Jankanlo is from a political family in eastern Kurdistan. He is from Mako, and his family engaged in many Kurdish events such as the Kurdistan Republik in 1946 and coordination with the Iran-PDK party, especially its leader Dr. Qasemlo in 1979.

Mr. Jankanlo, before flying from his home country has arrested by IRG intelligence, and when they wanted to convict him base on the fake story, he decided to exit from Iran. Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. confirms that deporting him to Iran means coordinate with his execution by The Iran regime because his life is under threat in Iran. Therefore, the Kurdish Human Rights Association calls the German government and officials to stop his deportation and accept his refugee case.