Zeinab Jalalian has been transferred to Dieselabad Prison of Kermanshah


According to the information received from different sources, Zeinab Jalalian was transferred to the Iranian government’s Dieselabad prison in the city of Kermashan about two weeks ago, in September 2020.

The transfer of this Kurdish female political prisoner took place while she had been deported to Kerman Prison. She had gone on a hunger strike to protest his deportation to Kerman prison.

She contracted the COVID-19 virus and did not receive medical care despite her poor health condition.

Zeinab Jalalian has been imprisoned without any leave contemporary permission for more than 13 years, and her family says their pursuit of her contemporary leave has so far been granted.

The disagreement of Zeinab Jalalian’s contemporary release  comes as the Iranian judiciary announced that it had released more than 70,000 prisoners across Iran to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus in prisons.

This eastern Kurdistan political activist was sentenced to one year in prison in 2009 on charges of “illegally leaving the country” and sentenced to death on the charge of “moharebeh”, translates into “war against God and the state”, by joining PJAK; A sentence that was later commuted to life imprisonment.

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