Destruction of historical monuments Heskif in the north of Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, after the destruction of Heskif using dynamite, today the Turkish government has destroyed the historical monuments of Heskif using bulldozers.

The Turkish government has continued its policies of denying and destroying Kurdish culture and history, and on the pretext of building a dam on the Dejleh River, it destroys the historical monuments of Keshif.According to Governor Heskif, the historical monuments of Haskuif want to destroy the cultural heritage of Kurdistan for thousands of years on the pretext of constructing the “Ilso dam”.


But Governor Batman had already said that the Heskif will not be destroyed with dynamite, but later the release of the governor’s lie was revealed by the release of a film that damaged Heskif with dynamite in the media. Today, during the destruction and destruction of these historical monuments, the Turkish government has used bulldozers to destroy and destroy the entire region.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association