The disappearance of Kurdish carrier (innocent civilian) in Sardasht after two months

According to a report from Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Wednesday 17 May 2017, there is no news of the fate of a Kurdish carrier, “Abu Bakr Mulania from Sardasht city.

According to a sayings by one of the relatives of Abu Bakr Mulania, 29, married and having a child, and he was being busy in the work of carrier between southern and eastern Kurdistan and In 2013, with the direct firing of forces of the Islamic government of Iran, it was severely injured in the east and south of Kurdistan and was placed under the supervision of a physician in southern Kurdistan for six months hospitalization.

In the return from southern Kurdistan, a sum of 60 million tomans has been fined by the Islamic State court.

He was arrested by the intelligence forces of this city without any permission at the beginning of September 2015 in the city of Khoy, from the governorate of Urimia, and he was tortured and imprisoned for 18 days.

In Norouz, this year, he travels to Turkey with a passport and after 12 days he returns to Sardasht, the intelligence forces attacked his home while seizing $ 40,000 and he and his wife for 48 hours on the pretext of having foreign money in The house is being arrested and money is confiscated.
According to this previous record, which had been arrested by Islamic government for information less than a year and a half, his family was arrested and disappeared as a security officer of the Islamic government, and to this end he has referred to all security agencies, but so far they have not been informed of the fate of Abu Bakr Mulania.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association