Confiscating the farmers’ grass for the gold mine in the village of Baharloo

According to a report received from Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the governor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the province of Kurdistan has told the citizens of this village that if the grass does not sell the Baharloo village to the gold mine, he will stop drinking water to this village.

The situation of contaminated water in these villages because of the mine rocks washing infected arsenic has been non drinking is

and the surrounding villages of the mine, with plenty of problems , including the contamination of underground water surface Drying fields and Fruit trees has faced Which has caused many unemployed farmers and livestock breeders in the area as well as the reason for the explosion to get the most of the mineral raw materials of the many houses villagers cracked .

Sariogoni gold mine is located in Qorveh city by Zarkouh Company, 70% of which is owned by Kazakhstan and 30% by Iranian company. In addition to gold, silver and mercury, there are also Zarekh gold mine reserves are 4.5 million tons according to experts, there are 18 tons of definitive gold reserves.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association