Apartment build in one of the alleys  of city ” Sanandaj ” in East Kurdistan

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , in the neighborhood ” Qatarchian ” in Sanandaj of municipal land area of 1500 meters in one of the state’s housing cooperative medical examiner has left the apartment of 24 units on the ground Meanwhile, residents of the neighborhood to be established is that number to 50 families, only the way and income is the same alley.

Residents of the neighborhood and the families living there than the performance of municipal and cooperative housing association held a protest demanding the easy way to pedestrians individuals as well as in the event of an accident such as a fire or illness, a way to provide emergency services were as if construction of the project will be serious problems plagued the residents of this neighborhood.

The protest took place last year about the mayor and the relevant authorities have promised that their demands will follow but again housing cooperatives with the excavator and loader tries build ditch and realization of the 24 units in the alley, which can be 50 families living in this neighborhood has encountered a problem and why people gathered and prevented their work were and with the intervention of security forces is likely to be more widespread protests.

It should be noted that the plans for the new world of today, all the possibilities for any incident and accident anticipated and rarely saw the alley deadlock in modern urbanism. But the project is the implementation of Sanandaj and neighborhood ” Qatarchian ” exactly the opposite, and security of life and property of citizens is not considered resident.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association