Acid attack to ex wife mother in Kermanshah

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association reached Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran in Kermanshah prosecutor said the mother of one of his former wife had acid thrown and continued that the court case and legal action to arrest specially issued.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association quoted by the government news agencies, Mohammad Hosein Sadeghi said the acid attack late last week on the pretext of taking qualifications vehicle ancestral home of his ex-wife came after an argument with the mother of his ex-wife acid found in cans plastic already had prepared injury to her side crumbled and left parts of the body including hands, back, shoulder and part of the face.

The following were charged after attempting to flee from the acid attack and the injured person was also taken to hospital and then by sending a SMS message to his ex wife again, he and her family have threatened acid attacks and criminal acts.

United Nations General Assembly on violence against women as any act of gender-based violence that results in physical harm (physical), sexual or psychological definition of women’s.

As well as any sex linked violent behavior that causes physical harm, sexual and psychological suffering of women and violence against women say. This may be the threat of violence, coercion or authority and freedom, either hidden or revealed to be done.

Article 115 of Iranian constitution considers men to qualify for state high officials and it’s not just men interpret the meaning of, and the Iranian justice system equal to half the testimony of one man knows the woman’s testimony.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association