Khorasan Kermanj grassroots organization in a statement discriminatory language and culture,the threat in  Khorasan condemned.

According to reports,Kurdistan Human Rights Association , grassroots organization in a statement Kermanj Khorasan cultural linguistic discrimination, threats and intimidation in Khorasan condemned and called for respect for the culture and language Kurdish nation has been in the region of Khorasan.

This grassroots organization Kurds in Khorasan in accordance with articles 15 and 19 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Kurdish Kurmanji language and teaching agreements (with in Arabic / Farsi when available) have been devised for the University of Mashhad and Bojnourd University.

In a statement, the organization mentioned statistics and information about the Kurdish population is segregated cities.

The statement said those who are Kurmanji Kurdish language cultural activities, the impact of information security and strict security and even face torture and imprisonment.

Security agencies claim that, the Latin alphabet in Kurdish Kurmanji Kurdish Workers’ Party, which is in fact alphabet Latin alphabet should not be used in North Khorasan.

The statement said:

Do intelligence forces and the Turkish government with the Islamic Republic of pushing them to the northern region of Khorasan in Kurdish Kurmanji disrespect and thereby indirectly help the project to digest and destroy the language Kurdish and Kurdish nation in Turkey, which at full speed forward?

Why work in cultural, artistic language of the people and those who work only native language and national culture work in the field of child rights and the charges are politically?

We Kurds in the north of Khorasan in local education do not have the right to education in the Kurdish language and students’ native language and our children in elementary education in primary and high schools and universities in the region is absolutely forbidden.

As is obvious to everyone that both children’s rights and the rights of native language is a gross violation of human rights. However, the Iranian government is legally and officially committed to the implementation of this important means of education in native language is (in the 15 th and 19 th of the Iranian constitution and in international conventions signed by the Iranian government is over.

In the following statement:

It is appropriate that we Kurds of Northern Khorasan region is also necessary that this way of studying Kurdish – Kurmanji of our model.

It is also claimed that the rate of illiteracy in the North of about 30 percent. Primary education for children to understand teaching non-native language teaching has been very problematic and states dropout and low self and bringing bipolar and self-censorship, etc. have been developed.

Education in Kurdish – Kurmanji civic culture in North Khorasan social development raises and A positive effect on the the society and the state of self-esteem and self-confidence and the will to distinguish self and the boom.

Lack of education in the native language of our Kurdish Kurmanji, no radio and television all the time in the native language of our Kurdish Kurmanji humiliate the national language and culture and their native know and have a culture of peaceful coexistence properly and really and truly embedded and streamed and gradually growing business as usual, and replace any suspicion of discrimination and inefficiency and poor management of the country in the field of language and culture to take.

Kermanj grassroots organization in Khorasan

Monday 6 June 2017

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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