The final sentence of the death of a Kurdish political prisoner in Kurdistan East

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Kurdish political prisoners on death row today, 20 May 2017, “Kamal Hassan Ramazan” in the prison of Urmia East Kurdistan to him was notified.

According to reports, today Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court Urmia Judge Mehdi Pour notice to the head of the prison of Urmia post which mentioned that the Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Orumieh in absentia Kamal Hassan Ramazdan on 12 November 2011, on charges membership in PJAK armed insurrection against the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been sentenced to death and the sentence has been finalized. The verdict comes as a political prisoner citizen of Kurdish people of Syria and the date listed not in Iran last year pressures Information Administration Urmia new case on charges of murder of a public official in Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court held that he was at this time pending a court hearing.

Kurdish political prisoner Kamal Hassan Ramazan 31 years old resident of West Kurdistan is that in July 2014, along with two civilians Kurdish people of the city of Maku by the forces of the Iranian Revolutionary 2(PJAK) were arrested and since then tortured Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the intelligence Ministry detention centers, security was heavy. He dated 14 August 2015,  Urmia Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Chabok in meeting one hour, was sentenced to 10 years and one day in prison and the prison sentence to a lawyer officially was announced. Following his objection to the sentence, his sentence was reduced to seven years in prison. After the final chord of the prison sentence was increased pressure from the security forces and the formation of a new case for them in revolutionary court, which ultimately led to his death sentence.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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