Baneh; Two citizens were kidnapped by security forces


Monday, May 1, 2023, Iranian government security forces detained two citizens named Ahmad Gholami, son of Hossein, 35 years old, and Rasul Obidi, son of Mustafa, 40 years old, both from Switch village of Baneh, and transferred them to an unknown place.

According to the report, Ahmad Gholami was attacked by a force of 50 people while working on the agricultural land, and after his arrest, his house was searched and his personal belongings, including several book covers, telephone, motorcycle and car were seized. And they took it with them.
On the other hand, the security forces of the government detained Rasul Obidi, who suffered from amputation due to a mine explosion, in his private house and confiscated his personal belongings and took them away.

It should be noted that both kidnapped citizens are married and each has two children.

It is worth mentioning that, until the moment of preparing and publishing this news, there is no information about the whereabouts and fate of these citizens.