The continuation of the Detention of citizens in Paveh


On Sunday, November 27, 2022, Iranian government security forces kidnapped two brothers named, Peyman and Pedram Darbandi and took them to an unknown place.

Also, in another news from the city of Paveh, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association was informed that, during the last week, the security forces of the Iranian government kidnapped two citizens named Osameh Azizi and Arshiya Khani, both 16 years old, and did not know their fate not in hand.

It should be noted that the kidnapping of citizens in Kurdistan and their transfer to unknown places by the terrorist forces of the IRGC and armed forces of the Islamic Republic is a clear violation of citizen’s rights and a clear example of kidnapping. Therefore, these forces were responsible for the health of the citizens, and protecting the health and lives of these citizens, most of whom are teenagers, is the responsibility of the government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran.