Baneh; Injured a kolber from Saqqez


On Thursday ,june 23,2022,a Kolber, a resident of Haji Maman village, from the Function of sarshiv section in Saqqez , named Keyvan Amani, at the border of Nanuri, Sartzini, Baneh city, who was traveling with a group of kolbars, was attacked by Iranian Border Regiment with a shotgun and was severely wounded.

According to the report, his eyes and shoulders were hit and he was sent to Salahudin Hospital in Baneh for treatment and surgery.

It should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to reducing the purchases of the people, especially the Kurdish people, and disregarding the recommendations of human rights organizations and NGOs, has resolutely arrested, tortured, executed, amputation, injured and killed kolbers. They have no choice but to kolber to survive.

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