A young Kurd living in Qarchak, Tehran, was Murdered

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, a young Kurd identified as “Qasem Heydari”, 23 years old, son of Ali, Native of Abdanan, Ilam province and a resident of Qarchak, Tehran, was murdered by several Turks.

According to the report, these people had an argument and in the meantime, they attacked the young man with a knife and threw him down from a three-story building.

The murderer were arrested immediately after the incident and released on Friday. The family of this young Kurd took their son’s body to the Qarchak courthouse on May 20, and held a protest rally demanding the punishment of the killers and transparency, but so far they have not received any response and even the killers were released in less than 24 hours.